I was at work yesterday and I saw many posts on Facebook describing a scene at New Bedford High School that involved evacuations, police and first responders.

Upon reading this, I went to our news department and asked if we had any details because the wording on that made it sound very serious, especially the words "first responders"

Well, as we all know, after the dust cleared, it was nothing more than a thermos with milk in it left on steps that triggered a bomb scare. People responded by taking their kids out of school, parents were worried to the point of panic in some cases, and the city of New Bedford used a lot of resources.

9/11 changed a lot of things, as well as incidents all across the country in the last ten or so years. But, have we become afraid of so much that we react in a sense of panic for something as simple as a thermos with milk in it?

Back when I was in high school we had bomb scares at times as well. We were told to exit the building, then, after a bit, we all went back to class. No panic, no going home, and it never made the news.

Times have changed, and I can't help but think that terrorists look back and see how much of a panic this country can be in, then just laugh at what they have caused.