Johnson & Johnson has issued a first time warning for their OneTouch Ping Insulin Infusion Pump.

According to USA Today, Johnson & Johnson's Insulin infusion pump has a potential computer security flaw but says that the danger to patients is low.

The computer security firm Rapid 7 discovered it could be possible to take control of the pump via its unencrypted radio frequency communication system. The radio frequency allows it to send commands and info from a wireless remote control. Getting a too low of a dosage or too high could cause severe heath problems and even death..

Insulin pumps are used to control diabetes and are worn on the body to deliver insulin into the body via a catheter placed under the skin. They are used by patients with Type 1 diabetes, the least common type in the United States.

So far, there has been no instances of the pumps being hacked.

Additional Reporting By: Mikaylee McEwan

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