Someone leaked an image of the new Dunkin promo items and candy kids are going to be pretty pleased.

Start saving your calories because the new Dunkin' menu items about to drop for May 1st are definitely going to have you binge eating/drinking.

A leaked image of the May menu includes a Comet Candy Donut- described as a frosted donut with cotton candy flavored "popping candy topping". (It sounds a lot like other New England favorite Friendy's Ice Cream flavor Cotten Candy with Pop Rocks.) But this cotton candy flavor isn't exclusive to just the donut. You can also get a Cosmic Cotton Candy COOLATA topped with blue raspberry syrup to wash down the above mentioned Comet Candy Donut. Good times for your mouth, right?

Other leaked images of the new menu items had fine print that read "EXCEPT NE/NY" and for a hot minute, we thought we'd be left out of the fun. However, upon closer inspection of the photo, a keen eye will notice the Massachusetts insignia on one of the other papers posted to the bulletin board meaning these bad boys are coming to a Dunkin' near us.

They have other new stuff, too, but based on how much people loved the Girl Scout Cookie flavors, Cotton Candy products might be all anyone talks about.

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