You could do what everyone else does and buy the chocolates, card, and flowers for Valentine's Day, but wouldn't it mean more to your wife, or girlfriend if you made them Valentine's Day gifts?

When holidays roll around, I like to be different.  Think back to early times of the relationship when it's new and exciting and bring those little things that only you and her know about to connect you once again.

As usual, during the FUN Morning Show, I swayed away from getting anything constructive done on the air, but spent time thinking about the one person that makes me who I am today, my wife Deborah, and I made her a Valentine's Day card.

Sure, I could've walked into a store to buy her things like a guy with no imagination, but I chose to rely on what separates me from the rest of the world.  My creative mind.  Take a chance and try to impress them and you'll be surprised at the outcome. 

Now, there are some people out there that DO want the material things right Madonna?  It's really a good test to see who you're with.  If they freak out on you for doing something from the bottom of the heart, maybe you're not meant to be together.  I'm a lucky guy to have my wife.  She's one of a kind, and she loves my creative mind.  There's no one else I would rather be with, and I love her from the bottom of my heart. 

Happy Valentine's Day Deb!