It was the busiest year on record for Rose Alley Ale House as the 7th Annual Beer Summit comes to a close.

An estimated 900 people from all over participated in the event and at least more than 500 people finished the 29 day/29 beer challenge (the counts are still being tallied). That's a HUGE difference from last years finishing numbers of 378.

Although each person is only allowed six beers a day (for safety reasons), Mattapoisett local, Paul Magee, was the first to finish his 29 beers out of everyone who entered and participated.

Amongst the 29 beers, the alcohol strength ranged from the lowest:

-UFO Hefeweizen = 4.8%

To the strongest:

-Stone Brewing Double Bastard = 11.6%

A few Summit Favorites voted by Summiters were:

- Dogfish 90 Minute

-Victory Golden Monkey

-BBC Coffeehouse Nitro Porter


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