As a cat lover, I just got the best news EVER!!

Fellow cat lovers rejoice, there is now a 24/7/365 cat channel!! All cats, all day! Woo hoo!!

I know, I know, some people think I'm a "crazy" cat lady because I have four cats. I'm not crazy though, I'll admit to being a cat lady, but it doesn't make me crazy. I just love animals, and cats are my favorite! I told my husband years ago, I never want to live a day of my life without a cat. I love my kitties so much, they are my furry kids and they make me happy!

I am so pumped to see there is a tv channel full of adorable, furry cats all day, everyday! So where do you find this 24/7 Cat Channel, you ask? Oh, I'll tell ya! It's channel 406 on Pluto.TV!

According to the Daily Dot, it's "All cats, all the time. 24/7/365. We've got kittens too. Meow-mazing."  Some of the shows features on Cats 24/7 are "Scaredy Cats", "Putting Up with Humans", and "Cats Gone Viral!" 

Guess what?!  There's also a channel for dog lovers, it's only one channel up on Pluto.TV, channel 407 for 24/7 dogs, and then there's channel 408, which is 'Crazy Animals' and that features animals of all kinds.

This is a little scary, I mean, how the heck am I supposed to get anything else done today when I've found a TV channel dedicated to one of my favorite things in the whole world, cats?!  Focus Loren, focus!