Last week on the FUN 107 Morning Show we read an email from a listener who was looking for some advice and encouragement.   

She lives with her retired, widowed mother, who depends on her for help with groceries, cooking and cleaning, as well as taking  her to doctor's appointments.   Our listener also mentioned that she works a full-time job.    She told us that caring for her mom is very important to her, but it has taken away the chance for any life of her own.

As she mentioned in the email, she is approaching 30, and her Mom becomes upset if she chooses to attend a wedding, visit friends, or even go to her company Christmas Party.    She said her Mom is home alone all day and does not want to be left alone on evenings and weekends.   In short, she has no social life whatsoever.

Her sisters are married and have lives of their own and seem to offer little help.   After reading the email on the show, we had so many great calls with advice and ideas.   Some of the callers had been in similiar situations.   Over the weekend I received a follow-up email.

She said one of her sisters was listening to the show, and without even knowing  the email was from her own sister,  realized the situation. Imagine that?   She told me that both sisters will now join in to help care for the Mom and her needs.  They will become part of her life again.  She wishes to thank all those who took time out of a busy morning to call in with ideas.

Thank you. We love happy endings.