Thanks to our friends over at Thought Catalog- we've put together a short list of the signature dance moves you’re sure to see at our Ladies Night Out Party.  Don’t believe us?  Try getting through the list without saying to yourself, “Oh my god, I do that.”


1. The “This is My Song!”


Personally speaking, every song becomes ‘my song’ one drink in... but what can I say, I really like songs. Whether it’s me or some other drunk girl, the "This Is My Song" dance move looks very much the same- a sloppy combo of flailing arms, screaming lyrics and hair tossing.


2. The Hair Flip

fiercegifs, tumblr

How girls dance with their hair down all night is beyond me. What is even more mystifying is how amazing their hair still looks even after all the dancing it did.  These girls are full committed to dancing with their hair and are easily identified by their total lack of hair bands around their wrists.

3. The Lackluster A-Shake

In her head, this girl’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.  In real life, her rump-shaker is as sexy as a grandfather clock's swaying pendulum. Girlfriend’s got no flair. She’ll probably go home alone.


4. The “Yes, a Group Dance!”


Lucky for all of you, there will be no opportunity for the "Group Dance".  Our Ladies Night Out Party  has no room for Cupid’s Shuffle and certainly not any Boot Scootin' Boogie.  If you see anyone trying to initiate a group dance, escort her off the floor immediately.

Just remember, whether you want to showcase your own signature dance moves or learn some new ones from your fellow party goers- you can only do it with a ticket.