Our area is unique. A lot of memories have come and gone over the years and stores and locations that you only knew about if you grew up around here. Think hard about what exists here and separates us from the rest of the world.

You Know you're from the Southcoast when...

  1. When Someone wanted to "cruise the ave" you knew exactly where that was.
  2. Your Mom shopped at "The Cove" for you.
  3. You got ice cream at the Dairy Chief
  4. You took the tour at Cranberry World
  5. You stop at a yield sign (listener Lawrence)
  6. You Love Portuguese food (listener Lawrence)
  7. You know a hurricane or blizzard warning means we'll only get a small gale or a dusting (listener Cheryl)
  8. You love, and prefer, coffee milk
  9. You missed the Dunkin Donuts, but don't worry because there is another one on the next corner
  10. You know what a rotary is, and how to drive in it (listener Amy)
  11. You have ridden the coaster, or had clamcakes in the pavilion (listener Robert)
  12. You know what a 'packie' is
  13. When someone says 'New Beige', you know what they are referring too
  14. You spent summer days at Lincoln Park, and then cooled off at the Westport Water Slide
  15. You know what chourico and linguica is (listener Donna)
  16. You've had to say 'No, not the South Shore' (listener Eric)
  17. You know people who live in FR and hate NB and vice versa but don't have a clue why. (listener Marilyn)


We want to hear what you got too. List your "You know you're from the Southcoast when" below.