When planning your wedding, the great KIDS debate is bound to happen. The debate may be short and sweet or an all-out battle between the couple-to-be.   Before your wedding planning comes to a halt over conflicting opinions, take a step back and look at your reasons for wanting /not wanting kids present.

How will it impact your costs?   If you’re talking 3 or 4 kids, it’s not a huge deal.  If you’re talking 2 kids per every couple invited- then be prepared for your catering costs to be effected.

Is your venue Kid-friendly?    Maybe you’re doing a rustic-type wedding in a barn or backyard with lots of space for kids to be kids. Go ahead, invite them!  If your wedding is a very upscale, chandeliers everywhere, lobster-and-champagne-for-everybody type of place then maybe the reception is better as an adult-only affair.

Will it cause you more stress?   If you tend to freak out about details, you may want to think about how you'll handle keeping kids entertained at your wedding. Do you rent a separate kid-only room, buy kid-friendly snacks and drinks, and -wait for it- hire an entertainer to ensure they are occupied?  If just reading this put you in a frenzy- maybe you are too stressed to take on more planning.

Are you worried about a little cutie-pa-tootie upstaging you?   You may be laughing a little, but deep down, some brides don’t want their adorable future niece stealing the show as she struts down the aisle haplessly throwing her rose pedals.  Maybe you'd like for your wedding photos to focus on you and not some little person in a pint-sized tuxedo. You are entitled to your reasons for wanting to be the center of attention.

If you choose to invite children- you may find that a lot of guests make the choice not to bring them anyway.  If you choose to keep your wedding adult-only and are worried you’ll offend someone, simply take the time to call them and explain your reasoning.  In either case, most adults will make a choice that both suits their situation and respects your requests at the same time.