It is one of the strangest parts of being a Red Sox fan, but I can't help it. I just can't. Needless to say, the Red Sox were atrocious this season.  They were beyond bad.  By the time the Boston Pops were playing Stars and Stripes Forever under the Hatch Shell, most knowledgeable baseball fans in New England knew deep down in their hearts that the Red Sox had no chance this year.

Red Sox fans had very little to cheer about during this "Titanic" season. Having the Yankees lose in the American League Championship Series is good. Having them get swept out of Detroit is great. Having Arod stir up controversy by using the ballpark as his personal That's the cherry on top. Bring on the Miami trade rumors.  I know, it's all so small, so petty, so childish; but there's a little bubble of joy that bursts inside when the Yankees get eliminated from the playoffs.  It's the next best thing to a World Series Championship. The Yankees are supposed to win, so that is why we rejoice when they fail. There, I said it. It's shameful, but I'm being honest.

There will be no ticker tape parade in Manhatten this fall. Go get 'em next year, Yanks.