The Boston Red Sox are the 2013 World Champions and there is really nothing to no love about this team. But, here we are, the day after winning it all, and some fans of the New York Yankees are turning to desperate comments to make themselves feel better.

You have to expect it I guess, but some of the things I have heard and read are obsurd to say the least.

Some Yankee fans are obsessed with the beards. They don't like them, and are talking about how much more classy Yankee players look because facial hair is not allowed in New York. You can brush that one off as Yankee fans finding nothing legitimate to complain about so they go after appearance...thats fine,

Then, there is the classic..."Well, the Yankees have 27 championships".. Ok, ya got us there, but who is familier with 20 of them seeing as how they were all won before 1963. Hey, I'm a big Celtics fan, but i don't look back on titles won before I was alive as a feel good when the Celtics stink.

But here is the topper...One Yankee fan i know said " Its fixed, its not a conincidence that the Sox won the same year as the marathon bombings"

There isn't much to say after reading that. Thats when you simply refuse to even give it any attention.

With that said, to be fair, some of my Yankee fan friends have said they were impressed with this years Sox team ,and were happy for them, and that deserves some respect!