There is at least one company out there who may be willing to pay your mortgage, every month for the next year, if they turn your house into an advertisement.   It's absolutely true, and it could be happening in this area.   A marketing company called Brainiacs From Mars says when a home is selected, it will be painted in colors known as "broccoli green" and "sunset orange" and will display a sponsor logo as well.

The homeowners mortgage will be paid in full for as long as the house stays painted, up to one year.   The company said the goal of the unusual paint job is to help people going through tough times, especially families facing foreclosure.   This may work for you, but what about your neighbors?

It seems only reasonable that you should first picture yourself in their situation...and ask yourself how you would react to their house being painted a bright green and orange.  Personally, I might be jealous that their home was selected for the year's mortgage payments, and not mine.