Pregnancy is not an excuse to throw good habits out the window and give into gluttonous behavior because you're "eating for two". Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important now, more than ever. Everything you put into your body is being shared with that bundle of joy taking up space in your tummy.

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Staying physically active during your pregnancy is equally as important. If you are someone who works out, you should continue to do so (with the clearance of your OB of course). The first trimester often drains every ounce of energy and you feel like you could sleep for days. Push yourself to go for a walk or to take a bike ride.  I've done this myself. When lethargy takes over, I've pushed myself to get to the gym. Even a 30 minute power walk has given me a burst of energy and helped abate any queasiness. Some other benefits of working out during pregnancy include a healthy labor and delivery as well as an easier recovery post delivery.

Tips for working out during pregnancy:

  • Stay hydrated- H2O is your best friend!
  • Don't over do it. If you weren't a runner before, now's not the time to train for the marathon.
  • Stability; As your belly grows, balance becomes more of a challenge, so skip those yoga poses that require one legged stances.
  • Don't lay flat on your back. It's not optimal for blood flow.
  • Listen to your body. If you become dizzy or overheated, then stop.
  • And the most important, discuss with your doctor what's right for you. Each pregnancy is different. Some women skate through without an ounce of nausea, others are faced with gestational diabetes or other conditions that may require special attention.

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