If you've been wondering what's up over at Pope Park in Acushnet with all of the construction going on, no it's not going to be a new parking lot, but something much more meaningful.

pope park/ cf TSM


This Veteran's Memorial will display the names of men and women from Acushnet who have served and given their time to this country.  The hope is that the veterans who have passed and the ones still with us; will be proudly listed on this memorial wall for all to see.


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Joe Costa with the Acushnet Lions Club is working on the memorial here in this photo. The construction project got underway earlier this summer and has an estimated timeframe for completion sometime this fall, before winter is here.  This is just another patriotic project taking place in the small little town of Acushnet.  We can thank the Acushnet Lions Club for heading up this wonderful memorial.


pope park/ cf TSM


#thankyouveterans 🇺🇸