A California Planet Fitness told one patron to cover up because she is too toned and is intimidating to the others who are working out alongside of her. Tiffany Austin, who is using her local Planet Fitness to get back in shape after a car accident was told by one of the employees, "Excuse me, we've had some complaints. You're intimidating people with your toned body. So can you put on a shirt?" Austin was wearing cropped pants and a matching midriff bearing spaghetti strap top. According to Yahoo, the gym has a dress code policy banning string tank tops. She agreed to wear the complimentary t-shirt that came with her membership but while waiting for the shirt she was approached by another employee who also objected to her wardrobe.

Feeling harassed and intimidated, Austin decided to cancel her membership and get her money back. Planet Fitness advertises itself as being a "Judgment Free Zone" banning "gymtimidation".