The FUN 107 studio lines rang non-stop this morning from listeners offering their opinions and advice when it comes to upgrading smart phones and .   I told my wife that when she buys her new Iphone 5, which includes 4G service, that our two-hundred-dollar a month cellphone bill will go even higher.  "Not so" she said, as did many callers, including a Verizon store manager.

We also learned that most of the Southcoast of Massachusetts does not have 4G service as of yet.   Immediate Providence and Boston do at this time, but not New Bedford, Fall River, Dartmouth, Cape Cod, etc.   Based solely on this morning's reaction from our listeners, If I were running for political office this Fall, I'd promise 4G for all.

President Obama, Mr. Romney, Scott Brown or Elizabeth Warren, consider that platform, and you will be the winner in November.