It's a photo that is creeping a lot of people out. See why Willow Smith might be getting in some hot water over an Instagram post.

Even fans of the young singer/actress had to wonder why Willow Smith would post this picture on her Instagram.

Sure it may look innocent enough. Until you stop and think that she is just 13 years old and the guy she's cuddled up in bed with is 20-year-old Disney star Moises Arias.

I myself am not a parent, but I am an aunt and I think I'd be disturbed to know my 13-year-old niece or nephew was hanging out in bed with a topless 20 year old.

The age difference and maturity level between 13 and 20 is huge! So huge I'm also wondering why a 20-year-old man wants to hang out with a 13-year-old girl.

Again, not a parent myself, but I can't imagine there are too many parents out there that would be okay with this. So I put it to you. Is Willow Smith way too young to be cuddling up with a 20 year old or am I overreacting to this innocent photo?

The police apparently would say overreacting by the way, as TMZ checked with officials on the legality of the photo and they say there is nothing "sexual enough" to garner police attention.