As we were driving from the Grand Canyon to Phoenix on U.S. Route 17, the first speed limit sign kind of jumped-out at me.  But then I realized that traffic was moving at about 80 mph, similar to what we see on I-195 between New Bedford and Providence.

The only difference is the lack of "guilt."   By driving only 5 miles over the posted speed limit instead of 15 miles over, you spend less time with your eye in the review mirror.  And I don't remember being passed by anyone going 15 miles over 75 on that highway.

So why not raise the posted limit to 75 on roads like I-195 and 24?  If the posted speed limit is enforced, we'll all be driving at the speeds we currently do anyway.   The only difference, we'll be more focused on what's ahead of us instead of looking at who may be behind us.  Seems like a much safer plan.