Amazing how texting can now affect emergency 911 calls. What's that? Now, that I'm in danger, I can simply just text in my emergency? That's the reality for 16 out of the 50 states right now.

According to CBS News, here's the current list of the 16 states involved with the 'text to 911' program. As you can see, Massachusetts has yet to jump onboard, but think about it. Would you want to text at that point? Who's the dum-dum that thought this up? Hey, I'm in an incredible amount of pain and/or someone just broke into my house, let me text 911 shall I?

In a surprising shocker, texts to 911 have been down.

The unfortunate truth is that, on the whole, PSAPs are not where they should be and need to be on text-to-911. It's been more than a year since the FCC secured a commitment from wireless carriers serving 90 percent of Americans to deploy text-to-911 by 2014. Yet today, only a small fraction of PSAPs are ready to support text-to-911. We've done our part. Now, the PSAPs must do theirs.

Sorry FCC. I believe this 'texting to 911' is a FAIL!