It does not look like the storm passing through Southern New England Wednesday night into Thursday will bring much snow to the South Coast of Massachusetts, but the little snow it delivers could be a headache for commuters Thursday morning. We are expecting the temperature to drop very quickly late Wednesday night, and a flash freeze is possible if the wind cannot not dry the pavement before the temperature hits the 20s. There will also be some snow showers that could lead to a crusty coating Thursday morning. The wind will also be increasing to 20-35 mph during the morning commute as the cold air charges in.

Right Weather - Snow Forecast
Right Weather - Snow Forecast

Wednesday evening - Rain likely, relatively mild. Temperature in the 40s to low 50s

After midnight - The temperature falls through the 40s and 30s into the 20s by dawn. Moderate rain ends, but it may stay damp, and snow showers are possible once the temperature gets below freezing. Flash-freeze possible due to rapid temperature drop. Wind increases with gusts over 30 mph likely.

Thursday morning - Windy and very cold with snow showers and flurries. Temperature falls to the mid teens to low 20s. Wind gusts over 40 mph possible - especially in Eastern MA. Wind chills near 0.

Thursday afternoon - Snow showers and flurries end. Still blustery and very cold.