Why Tito?  Why would you choose a struggling Cleveland Indians team over a struggling Red Sox team?  Here are 3 reasons:


Reason #1.  Friends

Yesterday, Francona expressed in his introductory press conference that he's excited to be working with his friends (Tito is friends with both the GM and President of the Indians).  This, in fact, was so important to him that he reportedly has an "out clause" in his contract in the event that his bosses are fired. Apologists for Red Sox ownership don't like to talk about it, but he was run out of town here last year. Then, bad mouthed after he left town. He knows what those guys up on Yawkey Way are all about. He'd rather invest in people he trusts.

Reason #2.  Sentimentality and Security.

Tito and his dad both played for the Indians (father in the 60's, son in the 80's).  More importantly, though, the Indians handed Tito a 4 year deal, a rarity for baseball managers.  The Indians are looking at Francona as a long term solution to their problems.  He said he doesn't want to be a "rental manager".

Reason #3.  His success in Boston.

In my opinion, the biggest reason Francona didn't consider coming back to Boston?  His success here.  He is a baseball god in this town.  He won the World Series not once, but twice during his 8 year run here....86 years...curses...Babe Ruth...yada, yada, yada.  He'll never have to buy another drink in Boston for the rest of his life.  But what will happen if he comes back?  He'll inherit a SIGNIFICANTLY less talented team that is light years away from sniffing another World Series Championship.  Let's face it.  It's the players that make the manager.  As much as I love Tito, he is so much better off in another city.  He'll look so weird NOT wearing his uniform for ANOTHER team.