When we organized the first "Sharon's Walk" shortly after her passing, the goal was to help build the Southcoast Center for Cancer Care in Fairhaven.   The walk was a huge success and the center has been up and running for nearly 3 years.  Hundreds of area patients have been given the absolute best of care using the very latest technologies.

But now, your support is needed to help the Centers for Cancer Care continue to give support to the families of those being treated.  The center provides patient navigators who work side by side with patients and their loved ones to schedule appointments, treatments, follow-up visits and lab work, as well as offer emotional support.   The center also assists family members who need to take time away from their jobs with child care and with keeping food on the table.   The staff of the Southcoast Centers for Cancer Care hold the hand of patients and their families at a very scary and uncertain time in their lives.

This year's "Sharon's Walk" will help make it possible for these wonderful services to continue.   Insurance does not cover many of these special services to help patients and their families cope with the process of battling cancer.

I am concerned.  As of right now, registrations and donations are lighter than they have been in the past as we approach the date of the walk.   Please help to not only honor Sharon and her mom Elaine Fogaren, but help your neighbors and friends affected by cancer to continue to receive the care and comfort they deserve.  

Thank you so very much.