We've all seen them.  Walking through Buttonwood Park, or Fort Taber, or across the mall parking lot, discarded plastic water bottles.   Here are some amazing facts.   Americans use 29 Billion of those water bottles each year.   Although we are getting better at recycling, only 13 percent of those bottles were recycled last year.   That means over 25 billion, or 5 billion pounds of the water bottles went into landfills.

But even before the landfills, an estimated 2 billion wound-up first as litter.   There are some options for our water other than those flimsy bottles, like the Brita reusable bottles.   With our busy lives, not as convenient.   So, given those numbers quoted above, recycling is not too much to ask.

If even 50 percent of the water bottles are recycled, the landfills would be spared over 2 billion pounds of that plastic each year.   Odds are you have a recycling bin at home.   Instead of tossing the bottle in the trash, or heaven forbid out the car window, hold on to it until you are home.  It's the right thing to do.