As I walked through the Darmouth Kohl's store last evening, I came across a mom and her teen daughter arguing over a top that the girl wanted to buy.  

I heard the mom say "you are not wearing that to school".  'THIS is the one I want", quipped the daughter.   I remembered that earlier this year New Bedford City Councillor-at-large Brian Gomes proposed having the city's public schools require students to wear uniforms.

Good idea!   Why not?   They wouldn't have to be the old school plaid skirts for girls, or ties for the boys.  Maybe a navy polo shirt and khaki pants.   Probably a savings to the parents who buy the clothes.   There'd be no bare mid-drifts (sorry guys), or pants drooping off the butt.   As a matter of fact, I think uniforms could work for almost everyone.

I'd wear a FUN 107 uniform.   We almost do when we are at station appearances.    They work for cops, people in the military, and for many who work in the medical field.   Wouldn't it be nice to wake up in the morning and not have to decide what to wear to school or to work?    Save the stress for the more important things, like deciding which flavor coolata to order at the drive thru.