Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool have been arrested for setting a plot to kill singer Joss Stone and lets just say both the details and the reason behind it are absurd.

Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool were found and arrested outside of Joss Stone's home in Devon while being in possession of a black bag, knives, hammer, and a samurai sword - yes they had a samurai sword. The two man were not only planning to kill Joss Stone but they were also planning to decapitate her body and throw it into a river..According to E! News this is all because Joss Stone was invited to the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middelton. Crazy right?!

But it unfortunately doesn't end there. Police are now saying that they know Bradshaw and Liverpool weren't the only two involved in the plot but they have no leads as to who the others are. What is this world coming to but I'm pleased to say the singer Joss Stone is safe and precautions are being taken until further notice.