I've been caught in the grid-lock many times already this spring, yet when there is somewhere I need to be at a certain time, I completely forget about the roadwork on I-195 between Fairhaven and New Bedford.  Today it took exactly 19 minutes to travel the one mile from the 240 ramp to the Coggeshall Street Exit.  By the time I remembered the construction, I was already looking at break lights on the ramp.   It's not due to the lack of signs as they are all over the place reminding us of the bridge work.   But the state could help by having the lanes merge prior to the merging of the ramp from 240 onto 195.  Then the traffic would be moving slowly in one lane without 3 lanes being forced to merge at one place.  Please think about that Mr. State Highway guy.   Meanwhile we'll spend our time gritting our teeth and wondering why we completely forgot about the road project again.