Ok, Its finally time for me to try to find an explanation that makes sense. Why do people run to the supermarket in a mad craze when only one day of bad weather is forecasted?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for stocking up when there is a 2 foot blizzard on the way, and even then, you probably only need a maximum of 5 days of items.

When the forecast calls for ONE day of snow why is EVERYONE at the supermarket? Does that mean that no one has enough food to last 2 or three days in the house? Everyone all at once all of a sudden has nothing to eat when there is a one day storm? I went grocery shopping on Sunday. I go every Sunday, so other than maybe a half gallon of milk, which I can get at a small store, i'm good till Sunday.

Here we are, Wednesday afternoon, the sun is out, the roads are clear, and I still have food in the house.