Dana Martin,who is behind bars for other offenses,is now threatening Justin Biebers life..

Recently Justin Bieber has been all over the tabloids for negative reasons so we can all agree that Justin is changing but is that really an excuse to want to hire two hit men to kill Justin Bieber?!

Well Dana Martin thinks it is and so he has in deed done so and says he's not doing this to get his five minutes of fame so everyone will know who Dana is but he's doing it because Justin has changed and that makes him angry.

Dana Martin has since written letters To Ellen and Island Def Jams declaring that Justin wants Dana to call off the hit men a meeting of the two would have to be set up or at least some kind of response from Justin would have to be made towards Dana but until then Dana will instruct the two hit men to follow Justin.

This is pretty disturbing news Justin is just a 19 year old kid he doesn't deserve death threats..