According to a new study, there is a reason for the millions of Facebook accounts that use fictitious names.

Actually there are many, but there are two reasons that far outnumber the rest, and they are both about spying. Yes, secretly checking up on family members and loved ones in most cases. The study, reported by says millions of moms and dads have joined Facebook to keep tabs on their kid's friends.

They are most concerned about their children's friends, drug use, and who their friend's parents are. It is amazing to me that thousands and thousands of kids aged 10 and under actually have Facebook accounts.

The other prominent reason for secret Facebook accounts is wives, husbands and partners checking up on their significant other. It's reported that FB has been named in nearly 40 percent of all divorce cases filed in the past 5 years here in the U.S., so there appears to be some justification for many of those secret accounts.