Now, I know Halloween is SUPPOSED to be the day before All Saints Day, but wouldn't it make for a Happier Halloween if it weren't on Wednesday this year? Parents are torn between letting their kids enjoy their trick or treating and making sure they get home in time for bath and bedtime.

Why does it have to be this way? Why not make Halloween the last Saturday in October? Boom.  Wouldn't that make a whole lot more sense?

  • The kids can trick or treat to their hearts' content.
  • Kids wouldn't have to worry about getting up for school the next day.
  • TEACHERS...No sugared up kids in class the day after Halloween!
  • Everybody's Halloween party could actually BE on Halloween.

We do it with Thanksgiving and it seems to work out great. There's no "set date" for Thanksgiving. It's just the 4th Thursday in November, and it's one of America's best holidays.
I propose to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October. Who's with me???  We created a Facebook page to start the movement.