Round #1!! It's that time of year again! Who is the best of the best when it comes to hair?!


Last year, we had such a huge response to this question, it took us forever to gather all the information. Different from last years competition, we will also except nominations for the best individual stylists as a lot of hair specialists don't work in a salon. This will make for a great field of professionals both from salons and non-salon stylists.

This year, we're going to have three rounds! Round 1 is nominations. After we gather who's been nominated, we'll take the salons and stylists who got the most nominations and in Round 2 you will have a chance to vote on them! Round 3 will be the results round and take place a month from tomorrow on February 27th! We want to know, who is the best salon for you to get your hair-did on the Southcoast! Nominate your favorite salon or stylist in our comments section!