Yesterday, we celebrated our son's third birthday and we took him to a place that is heavily kid oriented. There are games, colorful characters, cake, ice cream, even rides for the kids. So where in all that does alcohol fit in? The group that used the party room after us decided to bring some beer and wine in to add to the festivities.

You could smell it in the air. I saw the cooler, and the party cups that had the booze in it. Listen. I'm all for drinking, but when it's at a kid's party, even I feel a little uncomfortable. Maybe it's the "Dad" in me. There are a lot of cups that get left around as people make their way in and out of the party room. I'd hate to see a young child walk by and pick up one of those cups and start drinking it. Just leave it for another time. You can take two or three hours and dedicate more time towards the celebrating of a little ones birthday rather than taking the opportunity to have another booze fest.

Just saying.