Inner strength, character and peace of the mind and of the heart can all go hand-in-hand.

Based on a certain role model, someone made a list of some basic things you would need to master before you can find a happier, more content life. Here are the keys:
-Resist complaining about your life, or boring others with your troubles.
-Be able to understand when loved ones are just too busy to spend time with you.
-Be able to relax without beer, wine or liquor.
-Forget about the need to acquire personal possessions.
-Be able to show your family how happy you are to see them each and every day, and give them unconditional love no matter what they
-Be satisfied with basically the same diet day in and day out.
-Be able to fall asleep at night without the aid of pills.

Who is the role model that has already mastered these "inner strengths?"
It's the family dog.