It's been a month for me here at FUN 107 so far, and I'm starting to pick up things about the Southcoast that I didn't know about before I got here. Like the difference between the North and South End of New Bedford, where I can go for a linguica roll and how to properly say the word cacoila! Since I'm the new girl, I've had people suggest to me where I should go for dinner, drinks, a haircut, you name it...but there is one thing I have yet to find in the Southcoast!

A place to get my eyebrows threaded! If you don't know what eyebrow threading is, well, for me, it's the very best method of shaping my eyebrows! It's using actual sewing thread, and it gets twisted in such a way that it yanks out the hairs in a perfect line. I know, it sounds painful and it is a little bit, but it's not bad, and it's over so fast!! So worth it! I had a great place when I lived in RI, but it's a little far for me, I ask you, if you have gotten your eyebrows threaded before and they did a great job for ya, where did you go? I would love to hear your suggestions! Thanks!

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