The family and I are about to take summer vacation soon and we are trying to figure out where to go.  The kids would love to go on a cruise or fly to a tropical island somewhere, but Donna and I were thinking how about taking a New England vacation!  

We are lucky enough to live in a part of the country where in a short car drive you can be in a number of states that offer some fun things to do.  My question to you is where should we go?  I want to limit to one of the six New England states, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island or Connecticut.

We could do all of the states during the week long vacation, but I think I would be exhausted from all the driving when we get back.  I want you to help me choose which one of those states to spend the family vacation in.  Vermont has the mountains and lakes, Maine the beautiful seacoast, New Hampshire great shopping and fun, Massachusetts the Berkshires and Cape Cod, Rhode Island has Newport and some great beaches, Connecticut has Mystic and casinos.

I would like to know where you go, and what you like to do there.