Back in 1988 Time Magazine published a story of what life might be like for us in 25 years.  Well here we are in 2013, 25 years later.  Actually, the writer was not too far off on some of his predictions.   He said that in 2013 every car would have a computer in it and many would be able to drive themselves.  Cars have had computers for years and there are even the self-parking cars.   He predicted schools with satellite campuses connected over computer networks, and colleges offering long distance courses using computers.   Another prediction made in 1988, video chat systems (like Skype).   And how about this one, personal portable computers about the size of a three-by-five card.  Sounds a lot like a smart phone.    But, he also missed on some of the predictions.  Robot cooks and maids.  The author expected those to hit the market in the late 1990's and be common within a few years.   And one more, hover cars.   He said experts were predicting that magnetism would be used to lift cars off the road for a smoother ride.  25 years have gone by and we are not even close.  I wonder if maybe we can expect to be driving our hover cars in another 25 years, 2038.