Yesterday we revealed the new network lineups for Sunday night, but if your TV night is Monday here's what to expect this fall.

Much like their Sunday night, Mondays are staying exactly the same on ABC. They'll give you yet another season of Dancing With the Stars at 8p and follow it up with a favorite of mine, Castle at 10p.

NBC isn't going to change things much either. Singing competition The Voice will be returning with Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams taking red swivel seats for the first time. The reality show will be followed up with drama with The Blacklist returning to its 10p time slot, but only until November 17th when State of Affairs will move in and I'd assume The Blacklist gets bumped to Sunday nights after football season ends.

State of Affairs stars Katherine Heigl as a CIA office plucked from the field to become the president's daily briefer. Hmm...sounds like a show ABC's will be airing on Sunday nights to me.

Speaking of shows you may have seen before, FOX is revamping the Batman franchise with Gotham, the story of Commissioner Gordan's rise to prominence before Batman comes into the picture. The show will feature younger versions of Catwoman, The Penguin and other favorite characters.

This new FOX show will air at 8p with Sleepy Hollow coming back for a second season in the 9p time slot.

CBS is adding a new series to their Monday night as well. The Big Bang Theory will be moving to Monday at 8p, followed by Anna Faris' new hit Mom. Then at 9p CBS goes drama with their cyber crime fighter show Scorpion. Starring Katherine McPhee and Robert Patrick the show focusing on an eccentric genius and his team as they join forces with a government agency to fight digital age threats facing America.

And keeping with the dramatic theme, NCIS: Los Angeles will move to Mondays at 10p