The symptoms may all be returning, or completely new to you.  Some women brag about a wonderful pregnancy their first time around, only to be saddled with a miserable second experience. It can happen. Or if you're like me, everything from nausea to heartburn and insomnia, returned with a vengeance.


I didn't have a romantic first pregnancy. I envy those women who say "I love being pregnant." Don't misunderstand me, I love creating life and knowing that we are adding another cool human being to our Soares clan. It's amazing. But if I'm being honest, I don't enjoy barfing and feeling so tired that a narcoleptic is more reliable behind a wheel than I am at this point.

This pregnancy was by no means a surprise. We consciously knew it was time to expand our family and my pant size. Here are some things I didn't think to consider.

  1. Pregnancies can be completely different or exactly the same. There is no way to know unless you jump in the ring.
  2. When you're pregnant and tired (AND YOU WILL BE MORE TIRED THAN EVER) and it's your first, you can just lay down and go to sleep. Guess what! You can't do that when there is a three year old that you need to care for from making breakfast to helping them on the potty. Now take into consideration that you were already tired caring for a baby outside of the womb. There is also this tiny little life force zapping whatever additional energy you have because they need it to grow and develop.

But I wonder if I have it easy now? Am I in for a rude awakening when this baby is born and I am worn ragged caring for a newborn and a three year old? Our son is so good and I am hoping he will be my special little helper. At least once the baby has arrived, Larry can take a more active role in our new bundle of joy's daily care. As for now, it all rests upon my shoulders (and my belly) to get this baby to due date. Ten weeks to go!