Appropriate for Mamas, Papas, and Young Cubs of all ages, in this live musical production filled with fun songs and dancing, the Berenstain Bears learn important life lessons. 

TSM Buffalo

Brother gets a bad grade on a test at school. At first, he tries to hide his troubles but soon realizes opening up to his family is the best way to help solve his problems.  Sister gets a little carried away as she starts saying "Hello" to everyone she meets at the Village Green.  Finally, when Doc Grizzly points out that the Berenstain Bears are eating way too much junk food, it is a tough pill to swallow.  Using the iconic stories and imagery of the books,  your family will see Bear Country come to life on stage while learning about the importance of honesty, health, and safety.  In the end, it becomes clear to each of the Berenstain Bears that what truly matters is family.