The Sun of a Beach Music Festival is upon us and some of you may be wondering, "What should I bring?"

If you’re not familiar with Fort Taber, there are a few things about this gorgeous piece of waterfront that you’ll want to know before you come out for the day:

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    Bring a Light Jacket or Sweatshirt

    It can be a little breezy on the water.  Bring a light jacket if you’re prone to getting a little chilly.

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    Bring Sun Protection

    There is sunshine everywhere!  Bring your sun hats, sunscreen and sunglasses to keep all or your parts safe from those rays.  It may not feel hot with the breeze blowing but that’s when sunburn sneaks up on you!

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    Bring Money

    Bring your clams and sand dollars- this is a cash only event!   Some of the vendors may be equipped to take your credit cards but err on the side of caution and bring cash with you.  You never know when you might blow out your flip flop.

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    Bring Your Beach Blankets and Chairs

    Bring your beach blankets and beach chairs.  There’s a whole lotta lush green grass at the Fort so get there early and claim your area. Heck, you can even bring your corn hole and washer toss games.  But please, umbrellas and coolers are prohibited.

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    Dress for the Occasion!

    For some that means a brightly colored maxi dress and flips flops.  For others it means a Hawaiian shirt, grass skirts and a pirate hat. Whatever the case, come comfy and be happy.