I read an alarming statistic today.According to the CDC, one in every fifteen sexually active female teenagers, between the ages of 14-19, contracts a sexually transmitted disease.

It is frightening to think about. Obviously abstinence is what we would love for teens to practice. It's the only 100% insurance plan against pregnancy and STD's. Being educated and prepared are the second best plans.

Talk to your teenagers. Encourage them to make smart decisions and share the facts with them. It may encourage them to wait until they are emotionally ready to handle all of the responsibility and possible consequence. As a parent, you may never be ready. But take the lead and open up lines of communication.

Citizens for Citizens Family Planning in Fall River and Taunton are great resources for information, testing and counseling. They're Fun 107's Local Expert when it comes to Safe Sex. Find out more here, or feel free to contact them. All conversations are confidential.