The music played at your wedding reception in a vital component in the atmosphere and plays a huge part in how long your guests stay. Its not just about which songs are played, but its also about the order in which they are played.

I have worked with many brides over the years and have discussed music in length at every weeding. One thing I always ask for is a "Do Not Play" list to make sure I don't include any songs that the Bride and Groom dislike in my playlist for the reception.

The funny part is that almost every list I get is just about identical to every other list from every other bride, and for the most part, I agree with them.

After going back and looking at these "Do Not Play" lists, here is the top 10 songs that I have seen.

10. Villiage People- Y.M.C.A.

9. Los Del Rio- Macarena

8. Casper- Cha Cha Slide

7. Chris De Bergh- Lady in Red

6. Bob Seger- Old Time Rock and Roll

5. Eric Clapton- Wonderful Tonight

5. B'52's- Love Shack

4. The Chicken Dance

3. The Hully Gully

2. Kool and Gang- Celebration

1. Marcia Griffiths- Electric Slide