No one walking on earth has ever seen it before...and no one will see it again. For the first time since 1888, Thanksgiving falls on the first day of Hanukkah. Make sure you enjoy it, because the next time it will happen according to quantum physicist Dr. Jonathan Mizrahi will be Thursday, November 8th, in the year 79,811.

I spoke with Rabbi Raphael Kanter from the Tifereth Israel Congregation on Brownell Ave in New Bedford. He told me that while he hasn't addresses the calendar anomaly yet in Temple, he will before Thanksgivikkuh. "The two holidays go well thanks for the blessings we have in life...and they both celebrate the importance of religious freedoms."

Traditional Hanukkah fare calls for food deep fried in oil to represent the 1 night supply of oil that lasted for 8 nights. I asked the Rabbi what his dinner table will look like on Thanksgivikkuh. He told me that he expects cranberry sauce sitting next to latkes, and deep fried donuts next to the pumpkin pie.

One Israeli magazine is left wondering, "Why 'Thanksgivukkah'? Why not 'Chanksgiving?'" The Rabbi chuckled at the suggestion saying that it was better left to those who set language trends. He thought possibly Thanksgivikkah flows just a little bit better.