M.L. Baron is the operations manager of the West Island Weather Station in Fairhaven.  The West Island facility is certified and provides information to the National Weather Service in Taunton.   ML keeps all the records and reminded me that not only have we had record snowfall amounts here in Southeastern New England this year, but 7 out of 10 days have been cloudy since the first of the year.  He explained that there is a pattern in the north Atlantic that is pumping down the cold air from Canada and that has kept temperatures to 45 degrees or under.  Very unusual for this time of year.   I asked Mr. Baron if he sees an upcoming change in this current weather pattern.   "I expect there will be, but no guarantees as to when."  he explained.   M.L. did say that believe it or not, experts are expecting a warmer than normal summer this year, with possible droughts.   He also said that based on the fact that Hurricane Sandy hit so late last season, and was followed by a nor'easter two weeks later, he is very concerned about the upcoming hurricane season.  Mr. Baron added that we've had several nor'easters over the winter months, and that also creates concern.  He told me that he is concerned about very severe thunderstorms, even possible tornadoes in this region.  M.L. Baron also said that the more severe weather may be the new "norm."  Only time will tell.  But one thing is guaranteed, we will see warmer weather and after this past month or so, we all certainly deserve it.