I recently saw a Facebook post from my cousin acknowledging the 100th wedding anniversary of my grandparents.  

She also mentioned that they were married on December 31st, 1912, instead of in June of the following year because my grandmother was superstitious about getting married in the year 1913.   I guess it paid off.  They had been married for 67 years when my grandfather passed away.   I came across some other traditions and superstitions that are somewhat common.

One is to tuck a sugar cube in the bride's glove.  That supposedly will sweeten the union.   Why does the groom carry the bride over the threshold?   It's said he does it to bravely protect her from any evil spirits that may be waiting at the doorstep.    Rain on your wedding day is actually considered good luck.

And why is rice (or sometimes now birdseed) thrown as the bride and groom leave church?   I found a couple of different answers as for the reason behind that tradition.   Some say it is a way for the guests to wish the couple a lifetime of prosperity and fertility.  Another theory is that the rice will feed any uninvited evil spirits that may have shown up.  It is thought that the well-fed spirits would bring no harm to the happy couple.