There have been so many movies over the course of the years that deal with "fatherhood" in one way or another.   What are the best ones?    Here's some that come to mind for me, not necessarily in order:

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)   Daniel (Robin Williams) takes an extreme measure to see his kids.

John Q (2002)   John Quincy (Denzel Washington) plans on committing suicide so his dying son can have his heart.

Meet The Parents (2002)   Former CIA Agent (Robert DeNiro) uses his old gig to intimidate his daughter's boyfriend.

The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)   (Will Smith) is a guy who loses everything and has to live on the street with his son.

Sleepless In Seattle  (1993)    Sam (Tom Hanks) moves from Chicago to Seattle with his son in hopes or starting over after his wife dies.

Father Of The Bride  (1991)   Steve Martin plays the overbearing dad who has trouble watching his little girl walk down the aisle.

3 Men and a Baby  (1987)   Three bachelors have to learn very quickly what a baby girl needs once she is left n their doorstep.

National Lampoon's Vacation  (1983)  Clark (Chevy Chase) insists on driving his family across the country so they can visit Wally World

The Lion King  (1994)  King Mufasa gives his life to save his son.

Finding Nemo   (2003)   Nemo and his dad Marlin have a special bond.

Any of these flicks might be worth seeing again on Father's Day weekend.