Apparently there's a strange law in Massachusetts that says you don't have to tell anyone buying your house that it may be haunted.

Education Images, Getty Images[/caption]With Halloween just around the corner, I did some snooping on the haunted history of Massachusetts and trust me, there's plenty of it. One thing that struck me most though, was this little, old, not well-known law in Massachusetts that may have you second-guessing buying that rustic old home you've had your eye on since you were a kid.

There is in fact a law that states that sellers do not have to tell the buyers that the property is haunted.

Boston Magazine reports that according to Massachusetts disclosure laws, sellers can refrain from telling buyers that the property they are buying has been the site of a suicide, homicide or "para psychological or supernatural phenomenon". There is no consequence for a seller, broker, or real-estate salesperson if they do not disclose the haunted information.

As we all know, haunted houses can be more frequent in Massachusetts than in other states based on the amount of haunted history that we have.

Luckily, there's a loophole to finding out of your future home is set for doom! The law requires that if asked, the sellers have to tell the truth about their property.

If you choose to buy that old rickety home that's been in your town for centuries, make sure to ask the sellers if the property has seen anything out of the norm!