So you love Cali! Think again. Halloween is coming quickly, so I decided to post something that will send a shiver up your spine. Spiders, thousands of them!Tarantulas mating while you walk down the street, in plain view. The term "get a room" has a whole new meaning now. Can you say mass hysteria?


"This weekend or next weekend is going to be the biggest spider movement of all," Al Wolf, director of the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue told CBS News. "All the males will be looking for the girls so it's gonna be eight-legged love."

Spiders may terrify humans, it's the male tarantulas who are really getting the raw end of this deal. If a tarantula hook up goes down when the female is hungry, she's apt to devour him. Halloween means we are scared of a lot of things, but you don't have to worry about spider attacks. Instead I'd worry about drunk wasps swarming through the U.K., or the freakishly large hornets that have killed dozens of people and injured over a thousand in China. Thank god all we have to deal with here in New England is very little of this craziness. Good luck California.