Everyone's been waiting for the next single from Justin Bieber, and this week he released the lyric video for 'Heartbreaker' - or did he?

Update 5pm - There are now rumors that this version is not actually Justin Bieber, and that his track won't be out for some time. Bieber took to twitter to say that there are fakes, and to be on the look out.

Listen to one of the fake songs here.

Bieber had been teasing his fans about the release of the song. He jokingly said that it's probably on the internet somewhere already just a day ago. Now it is. If you listen to the song, it is very clearly about Selena Gomez, or at least a very serious lady friend.

There were rumors that Bieber took the break up with Gomez pretty hard, and if you listen to the lyrics it's pretty evident.